Join our $100M campaign to transform child welfare.

Nearly $50M has been committed to date, and we’re just getting started!

Our Audacious Goal

We’re transforming Child Welfare, working with leading partners across the country to create a system that is:

Family Centered:  67% of kids in foster care are there for issues related to poverty, not abuse. Together, we can reduce unnecessary placements by providing better support to families.

Kin Focused: When kids do need to be removed from immediate family for abuse or willful neglect, place with known and trusted adults – referred to as kinship care. Together, we ensure kinship placements become the norm.

Future Minded: Each year 20K youth enter adulthood without returning to their family or being adopted. Programs across the country are helping them make a successful transition to adulthood and achieve their education and career goals. Together, we can scale these effective solutions.

Every donation counts

The youth and families impacted by child welfare can’t wait any longer. 7.1 million children were involved in a child welfare investigation in 2020, and at any given moment, approximately 400,000 young people are in foster care. While the full scope of the impact of child welfare is gradually being uncovered, our work impacts millions of children, birth families, kinship caregivers, and beyond.

Where your donation goes

Our operations are highly efficient, with 88% of every dollar going to generate positive impact. We partner closely with the leading, most trusted child welfare organizations across the country to identify the most high-impact opportunities to drive catalytic change. We then partner with individuals with lived experience and leading experts to design and build innovative, scalable solutions. So, you can be assured that your gift is funding equitable, evidence-informed, and cost-efficient solutions that are helping youth and families today and working toward a brighter future. Together, we can create a system that provides the millions impacted by child welfare with the conditions they need to heal, develop, and thrive.

With Think of Us, they actually offer more support than the foster care system. I feel like they understand me.

 - transition-aged youth in Atlanta working with VSS

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Our funders join us in challenging norms and creating change. They are the individuals, corporations, and institutions who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us, providing the financial support and holistic partnership that makes our work possible. Together we're putting in place the conditions for all children to heal, develop, and thrive.