Bridging the divide between policy, practice, and people

Think of Us centers the lived experience of impacted children and families in everything we do. We work entrepreneurially with public and private partners, across existing bureaucratic divides to drive innovation in practice and policy. We have deep partnerships with policymakers, front-line workers, and leaders across the country – on local, state, and federal levels – to ensure our small-but-mighty organization can work with scaled-impact in mind. We are in-demand, currently working directly with 22 states and supporting another 37 through multi-state initiatives. We’ve partnered with the White House and leading federal administrators across the Obama, Trump, and Biden administrations.

Center For Lived Experience™

The Center for Lived Experience™ (CLE) – a groundbreaking participatory research, proximate policy, and community-building initiative – integrates the insights, data, and leadership of people with lived experience to re-architect the child welfare system. We publish groundbreaking research, work with cities, states, and tribes to co-design and implement solutions to long-standing challenges, and advise federal and state policy makers on effective, bipartisan solutions.

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Systems Change Lab

Our Systems Change Lab leverages our research and design method - rooted in the principles of human-centered problem-solving that powers the private sector – to drive innovation. Government bureaucracies have little capacity to design and test new solutions. As a result, it can take decades for research to inform policy. We accelerate this process by bringing nimble and responsive research and design capabilities to the public sector. 

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