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Fostering Hope, Driving Change - Think of Us & Sixto Cancel

Written by
Jena Lynch
September 1, 2022

Using technology to forge critical human connections may seem counter-intuitive, but the innovative and life-changing work Think of Us is driving in the US foster care system is doing exactly that!  💯💯Founded by today’s guest, Sixto Cancel, Think of Us is a research and design lab for foster care, driving equitable system change so that the youth and families most impacted by the system have the greatest power and opportunity to reshape it. ✨✨Sixto Cancel's personal journey through the foster care system has shaped his purpose in tackling an outdated and sterile bureaucracy and defined his decision to give those who need it most a “voice in the choice” by anchoring policy changes in the lived experience of those within the system.  But like any ‘Big Ask’ policy change needs metrics to move forward, and here Sixto’s maverick approach to using technology really stands out. ✌🏻✌🏻🏆From the initial idea for an app with self-help videos (and not a tech developer in sight) to the Think of Us of today representing over 38,000 people in the Lived Experience Network, they are bringing informed, dynamic and effective changes to a broken system’.From student start-up to lobbying The White House, Sixto and his team at Think of Us are creating a world in which data-driven change is raising awareness, and the critical funds needed to address the many inequities entrenched in a system that no longer represents the challenges facing foster children and youth.